Summercourse 2007, University of Zaragoza

University of Zaragoza
Biology of conservation III. Practical applications.

As in previous years the University of Zaragoza, the FCQ and LammerGierFonds LGF, organize the third course Biology of Conservation (practical applications) in Aínsa (Ecomuseo) and Revilla (Biological Station Monte Perdido), from the 9th through the 13th of July, 2007. The course is presided over by Dr Javier Lucientes (professor of Animal Pathology) and Mrs Emma Sanchez Castilla (FCQ). The teaching staff consists of M.Alcantara (Department of Environment), J.Bustamante (SIC), D.Goñi (IPE), J.Lucientes (University of Zaragoza), P.M.Rica (IPE), J.A.Gil (FCQ), G.Báguena (FCQ), J.T.Alcalde (SEO), J.R.Obesos (University of Oviedo) and J.Herrero (University of Alcala). The program is varied and this year wants to be exclusively practical: scientific ringing, trapping small mammals, inventory of populations, demografic tracking, techniques for marking vertebrates, etc.

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