Inauguration of the Biological Station Monte Perdido (BSMP) at Revilla (Sobrarbe/Huesca)

Biological Station Monte Perdido The second of May, 2007, the Biological Station Monte Perdido was opened. The BSMP is situated in the hamlet of Revilla (Sobrarbe/Huesca). The restoration of this house of traditional pirenean architecture could be executed thanks to the cooperation of two foundations: the Fundación para la Conservación del Quebrantahuesos FCQ and the dutch Stichting LammerGierFonds LGF. The centre is going to promote ornithological investigation in this region, as this is its focus. It permits of the development of programs of training and workshops, and it can provide lodging, all in one building.

The project is established in casa Juan Bernad, which dates from the 16th century and has been adapted to modern times and needs. Thus there is solar energy for electricity and hot water, and it contains a livingroom, dining hall, kitchen, library and conference room with audiovisual means. It has capacity for groups up to 20 persons, in small dormitories, each with bathroom. The aim of the biological station is to promote the development of training programs, technical seminars and give accomodation, all in connection with birds and their habitat. It further provides for the stay of researchers and professionals of environmental studies whose research work concentrates on the study of the environment and ecology of the mountain ecosystems of the Pyrenees. At the same time it will be an open air classroom, for environmental education, rural development, extensive grazing programs, or for nature fotografy and painting, all social aims of the FCQ.

Summing up, this is a centre that promotes activities of a technical nature and develops in an altruistic way assignments of environmental studies, training, promotion and management. The FCQ also likes to point out that it is an ideal place for groups for environmental training, as the majority of the activities can be done on foot from the house itself, which makes long transfers unnecessary. Moreover, it is situated in a place that is exceptionally good for observing Bearded Vultures as it is one of the best points in Europe, being in the National Park Ordessa y Monte Perdido and in the middle of the Sobrarbe region, which has a good deal of its territory within the zone “Red Natura 2000”.

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